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About Marine and Auto Depot


Marine Auto Depot was started in 2015 as a result of the long standing issues with other Australian customs and quarantine depots handling boats and cars. Pricing was excessive, service was low and damage was regular, road transport is unreliable and expensive making the whole supply chain inconsistent, frustrating & expensive. The reason being boat and cars  are a small part on the overall import/export market and were no ones core business which is these problems have continued for so long.

We have made our business exclusive to handling boats and cars with the aim to give higher service levels, make pricing more competitive, reduce damage and streamline the supply chain for freight forwarder, customs brokerage, importers & exporters.

We have invested in specialised equipment, such from ramps, forklift attachments, gantries and trucks which has had an immediate response from the industry which has been demanding this for such long time.

Why use Marine & Depot?

boat pack
unloading boat
boat pack
unloading boat
boat pack
unloading boat
boat pack

Depots in Sydney & Brisbane

77G Customs Depot

1.3 Quarantine Depot with Wash bay

Import & Export

Specialise in Boats & Cars

Tilt Tray & 4 car carrier

No Hidden costs

" Its great to finally have someone to rely on for unloading our boats and cars, after years of drama using other depots "

Daryl McIntyre
Managing Director, DAZMAC

Clients Testimonials

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